We hung out with people too, but the animals made for better pictures

Sean and I split our Thanksgiving weekend between his mother’s house, my mother’s place and finally my sister’s house. We had lasagna at Sean’s mum’s house, and the big turkey dinner at Kyla’s house, which was a team effort between her and my mom. Food was enjoyed by all.

Leia had some interesting adventures too. Sean’s mum’s kitten was constantly pestering Leia. Leia took it very gracefully, and only growled at her a few times.

The kitten was so cute, it was hard to stay mad.
I'm so tired from bugging the dog all day!


Sean tried on a  mullet wig at my sister’s place:


No, wait. That’s Brindell, the guinea pig that belongs to Kyla’s workplace. (She babysits on the weekend). I think he looks like a walking toupee.


He’s really a walking poop machine though. Brindell later relieved himself on both Sean’s and my laps. He was on a towel, but we think he peed on Sean’s jeans, so he went back to his cage. Fortunately, Leia got to say hello first:


No antagonism from either party here.

We did hang out with people on Thanksgiving. The animals just weren’t as shy about posing for the camera.

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