My love affair with pink accessories is getting out of control

newhat_smallA couple of weeks ago, I saw this winter hat through a store window. I thought to myself “how cute”, and continued on my way. I passed it a few times after that, and always thought the same thing, but never went in to have a closer look. I figured it wouldn’t cover my ears or it would be loose and the wind would blow right through it. Or it would be expensive. Or something.

On Saturday night, Sean and I met some friends for dinner at a restaurant that is across from the store with the hat. We were waiting to get into the restaurant so I ran over to the store to have a closer look at this hat and try it on. Just to kill time. I wasn’t making a commitment to it yet. I had Christmas gifts to buy.

I tried on the hat and it was warm. It covered my ears. It fit well. It was cute, even on my head!

I put it back and came back to the group. We had dinner and carried on with our evening.

Today I got thinking about it again. By this point, I knew what the hat cost, and it was more than I have ever spent on a hat. However, the other three factors – warmth, fit and cuteness – were making me think that the price just may be worth it. I asked some of the women I worked with what they thought. I explained my dilemma (should I spend this much money on a hat?), and like the good friends they are, they said I should, without having seen the hat in question. They reminded me that the per year cost of this hat would be low if I wore it for a few years. They rationalized by telling me that if I didn’t buy this hat, I would spend the next eternity looking for its lookalike, and I would never find it. They put up with my indecision with grace and kindness, as they always do when I present this type of quagmire to them.

I thought about it for a few more minutes then told them “I’ll be back. I’m going to get it.” The girls cheered me on as I left. When I got to the store, I tried on the hat I wanted and two others in similar styles in the same colour. One of the saleswomen came over and agreed that the hat I wanted was the one for my head. Then she asked me if I wanted matching gloves.

This hat was already costing me more money than I wanted to pay. Naturally I answered, “Do you have any?”

The saleswoman looked, and ended up having to ask one of the other women if they had any in my colour. She found a pair in the back. Had they been gloves, I probably could have said no. But they were matching mittens made of fleece and matching hot pink fur. I love mittens, and I could say no to these ones.

The woman who rang up my purchase gave me a 10% discount since I bought the two items together. Everyone in the store was really nice and I’m glad I made the purchase from them. I haven’t worn the hat or mittens outside yet, but my head got hot when I was taking the picture so I assume I won’t regret this purchase once winter really hits.

I showed the girls my purchase when I got back at work and they approved. I thought Sean was going to roll his eyes at my latest pink accessories, but he told me the hat looked good on me.

I think I picked a winning pair. Here’s hoping I don’t lose ’em on the subway.

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