Why do I never have my camera ready for these things?

Sean and I took Leia to the vet on Saturday for her annual checkup. She’s healthy, but did not want to get up on the examining table at all. Watching Sean trying to lift her up and hold her there was pretty funny since she is around 50 pounds and all legs. I tried to help, but between Sean, the vet and Leia, I figured there were enough arms and legs in the mix.

The funnier part was on the way home though. We were driving down Gerrard Street and we passed a middle-aged guy riding his bike. This would have been an unremarkable occurrence, but Sean pointed out that the guy’s butt crack was hanging out and we could see almost half of the guy’s behind.

Sean was mean and refused to slow down so I could take a picture and post it on this website. It’s not like I would have shown the guy’s face – that would be cruel. The picture would have been all butt, with some bicycle thrown in.

I don’t know how the guy didn’t notice – it’s late November and it is cold out. There was snow on the ground! Bums just aren’t meant to be exposed to this kind of weather!

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