Vox Hunt: It’s A Guilty Pleasure

Show us your guilty pleasure.

I’ve watched The Young and the Restless for over 20 years. I wasn’t a willing viewer during the first few years, but that’s probably because I didn’t understand most of the storylines and my mother wouldn’t explain them to me. Once we got a little older, my mother, sister and I would watch it together, and we still try to when we can.

Sean, my father, my stepfather and my brother-in-law all have gotten hooked to varying degrees. They all protest it, but they’ve all sat down and watched it with us. They know the character’s names, and theorize on the who-did-what mysteries. Sean is actually pretty good at figuring them out.

If you watch Y&R too, but are a little behind, The Genoa City News is a great site to catch up on things. They don’t take the show too seriously (and really, why would you), so the recaps are a lot of fun to read.

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