Music QotD: Ticket Stubs

Concert ticket stubs: do you toss them after the show, or keep them for the memories?

My concert tickets usually get thrown out after months hanging around in my purse or jacket pockets. Sean keeps his so I go to him for any necessary memory-jogging. (This is another reason why I hope we’ll never get divorced – how will I ever remember the details of the concerts we’ve gone to together?)

Back in 2006, I bought Sean a ticket storage album for Christmas. It was essentially the same as a cheap photo album, but the pockets were sized for tickets, which made it a little nicer than the cheap photo album he was using at the time. To make it extra nice, I made custom covers for it:

I listed out 50 different bands we (or in some cases, just he) had seen over the years. The large names were groups he’s either seen many times, or in the case of Guns ‘n’ Roses, had waited a very long time to see. The printed version of the front cover has the same list printed watermark-style but that seems to be hard to see on (my) screen. Some bands are groups I like more than he does, and some were just seen in short festival slots. The list isn’t as diverse as I’d like to think it is, but it does make me giggle to see that the same person went and saw Sarah Harmer and Slayer and enjoyed both.

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