Another year, another pink purse

I went to the Bay at lunchtime today to see what kind of maternity clothes they had. I don’t really need them yet, but I thought I’d go and check things out anyway. They didn’t really have much that was in my price range or size, but I expected that so I wasn’t too disappointed. Nevertheless, I decided to cheer myself up by taking a trip to visit the purses – just to see what was there.

Well, I discovered that the store was having a 25% off sale on most purses, and I saw one that I liked. As per usual, I hemmed and hawed, but took a picture of it with my camera phone before I left without it. I knew the sale was going until the 20th so I had some time to think about this.

At the end of the day, I was still thinking about it, so I decided to first check a couple of other stores in the neighbourhood to see if I found anything else I liked for a better price. No luck at either place.

By this time, I was running late and really needed to get home and take Leia out for a walk. I then made the decision that since this purse had been on my mind all afternoon, I’d better just buy it, or I would spend forever looking for its equivalent. (Look! I applied a lesson I learned from a previous shopping experience!)

This picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but it’s pretty spiffy. It’s a deeper pink than my last purse. Honestly, it’s bordering on purple, but for the sake of tradition, I’m calling it pink. Everything I carried in the last purse fits in it and the front pockets are easy to open so I can get my keys and subway pass out with one hand. And it was 25% off so it fit most of my major criteria for a good purse.

I wasn’t due for another purse bender for a couple of months, but I guess the change of season inspired me. That, or I’m having a girl baby and she’s giving me cravings for new accessories.

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