Dating Ultrasound

I had the dating ultrasound done today. My doctor was right – we are exactly 16 weeks today, nine days behind what we thought we were. That puts our new due date at September 17th. So there’s still a shot at having a Virgo child.

The critter was squirmy but the tech still got some neat pictures. Poor little thing probably didn’t like having the transducer being pressed down on the ceiling of its home! We saw pretty much everything but the gender-defining bits, but the picture we got to take home makes the kid look a little like Skeletor so hopefully the next ultrasound looks more baby-like. Which it should – the next ultrasound will probably be a month from now and lots of development will take place between now and then.

Haven’t felt any flutters or kicking yet, but it’s early for that. Should start in the next 2-4 weeks though.

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