30 Weeks, 2 days

30 Weeks 2 daysIn anywhere from eight to 12 weeks, I will be a mother to someone who is outside of my body. Time is starting to go fast now.

I got a surprise shower with my family at our annual girl’s weekend. We better pray that Skeletor is definitely a girl because she got a lot of beautiful pink clothes. At worst Skeletor will be a cross-dresser for a few months. Men wear pink too, right? My cousin who had a baby girl a few years ago also gave me boxes of her old baby clothes, along with other baby things. It was really generous and Sean and I are very thankful for it.

I had to go for a non-stress test yesterday. It lived up to its name and was non-stressful. Just a belt with some sensors attached to my stomach to track the baby’s heartbeat and movements. I need to get this test done once a week until the end of the pregnancy due to having elevated AFP levels (that’s what made Skeletor’s risk for spina bifida so high). It’s more precautionary at this point I think, but better safe than sorry, especially when it is not an invasive or scary test.

So, we’re still kicking, squirming and incubating around here.

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