36 Weeks

36 weeks.

36 weeks!

28 days left until my due date. Whether Skeletor makes her appearance before, after or on that day is a total crapshoot. Sean thinks she’ll be early, but my mom thinks she’ll be late. I tend to side with my mom since she’s been through it before and she was late with both my sister and I. My last day of work is August 29th, which is two days before my 30th birthday. I’d like the baby to be born in September at the very least because then everyone in the family gets their own birthday month (not that we celebrate for a month or anything, more to spread the festivities out).

The pictures (from my Flickr stream) at the bottom of this post are of the nursery and baby gifts we have received. The quilt and bibs are handmade by my aunt. They are so pretty – I hate to see them get dirty, but I’d rather them get used (and dirty) than hide them away.

Haven’t taken any good belly shots lately. I better do it soon, as I am starting to get huge!

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