16 Days Old

Flora is 16 days old today. Soon we’ll be counting her age in months instead of days and weeks. It seemed like September was going to take forever to come and now it’s almost gone. I can’t believe how much she has changed already. My mom came to visit last Sunday and she said that Flora had grown already and soon Grandma would hardly recognize her (she said this in baby talk to Flora, who just kept on sleeping).

We’re getting the hang of the breastfeeding thing. We went to the breastfeeding clinic last Monday and Flora is gaining weight and latching well according to the lactation consultant, so hooray for that. She doesn’t really have a sleep routine yet – some nights, she wants to stay up after feedings, other nights, she’ll go right back to sleep. She is starting to be a little more awake during the day, and it’s nice to see her eyes. I love watching her make faces at whatever she is looking at or thinking about. I’ve seen her smile, but they’re small smiles so they’re probably gas. I’d smile too after passing some of the eruptions that I’ve heard come out of her!

And on that note, here are some pictures from the last few days:

Flora hamming it up for the camera
Flora with a Secret?
Laid out like a week's wash
Mummy and Flora
First time in the Wrap
Flora and Daddy
Flora and Daddy

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