Almost seven weeks old…

Daddy feeds Flora for the first timeThis is Sean feeding Flora for the first time. This picture was taken last night. We bought a breast pump on Saturday, and I think I’ve mostly gotten the hang of using it. I’ve only spilled a couple of times and gotten breastmilk in the motor once.

Flora took the bottle without issue, which really surprised me. I’ve heard so many horror stories about babies refusing bottles when they are breastfed and having to try a zillion different bottle/nipple combinations to get the bottle near their little mouths.

Let’s hope this lasts – I plan to pump a bunch and have a stockpile on hand in the freezer. That way, I can leave the house on my own for longer than a couple of hours once in a while. I don’t envision Sean taking over the night feedings any time soon – he rarely wakes up when the baby cries at night. However, if I ask him to help out at night (which I try not to do too often), he usually does without issue. I usually ask for help with the early morning feed – he changes her and brings her to me so I can feed her in bed. It’s a nice family moment since all three of us are mostly asleep until it’s time for Sean to get ready for work.

These pictures are from some tomfoolery Flora and I got into today. I swear, when her eyes get all googly, I think she is half-Muppet.

Staring intently
Serious Flora
Flora and Eeyore
Flora with the googly eyes

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