I may have documented a smile today…

Flora is two months and one day old today. She’s still very grunty, and grunts an awful lot more than she coos and gurgles. Any noise is better than crying. We had a bit of a cranky afternoon today as someone didn’t want to sleep as much as she should have. After some time in the swing, she’s finally sleeping – until the next feed that is. I’m totally behind on my chores, but it’s not like I won’t be at home tomorrow to keep working on them.

I did take some pictures before the crankiness started. (Maybe that is what caused the crankiness.) She is starting to look less like a newborn and more like a baby. I think I finally caught a smile. She isn’t constantly smiling yet, but I see them sometimes (the biggest ones are when she is asleep), so they are coming. I’m really looking forward to seeing smiles more often – they make the hard parts easier.
Serene Tongue Smile or cry - could go either way Pondering More tongue The closest thing to a documented smile

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