Flora was baptized back on November 9th. She slept through most of the service, but naturally started making noise during the moment of silence, so I had to step out of the church to settle her. I felt bad changing her diaper in the front seat of the car with the door open in early November, but I suppose that got me to change it faster.
Sleeping in Daddy's arms

My sister is a very proud auntie and godmother.
Godmother and Goddaughter

Flora and I stayed for a couple of days to visit with family after Sean left to go home. He was supposed to work, but ended up with a nasty cold so it was a good thing we didn’t see him for a few days. If I can avoid being sick this winter, that would be great. And it would be fabulous for Flora. We took lots of pictures, particularly on my mom’s spiffy new red couch.
Three Generations
Flora in her Pooh pants

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