To-do list

My mum and mother-in-law are coming up on Sunday to visit Flora and I (they’d visit Sean too, but he is out of town this weekend). I need to get a bunch of things done before they get here. I’m putting this list online to ensure I shame myself into completing all the jobs. Some of these things don’t really need to be done before they get here, but I figure if I add them to the list, there’s a chance they’ll get done too.

  • wash dishes
  • clean up living room
  • wrap Christmas presents so the mums can take them to their homes, since we celebrate Christmas down there (in progress)
  • Finish writing thank you notes (getting there) (done and mailed!)
  • Finish baby laundry (almost done – it’s in the dryer! just need to put it away when it is done)
  • Start Sean’s and my laundry (in progress, but probably won’t get put away until tomorrow or Monday. I am okay with this)
  • Put duvet cover back on bed
  • clean bathroom
  • vacuum/mop kitchen/living room floor (this may be pushing it a bit)

And, oh yeah, take care of Flora. I’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew with this list, but if I get the first three jobs done before the mums show up, that will be okay.

Wish me luck!

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