Slacker Recipe: Spinach Soup

I like to cook, but I don’t tend to follow recipes to the letter. I love to read cookbooks but I never seem to have the exact ingredients on hand. Unless it’s something I’m making for a special occasion, I usually wing it or bastardize the recipe to accommodate the ingredients I have around.

This spinach soup was actually inspired by a post I saw on Vox shortly after I joined. Despite marking the post a favourite back then, I’ve never actually made it. Now, it may become a regular in my repertoire – it was easy, fast and very tasty. And more importantly, it’s very customizable.

I took a package of frozen spinach and plopped it into a medium saucepan. I cooked it on medium heat until it had defrosted and warmed. Then I threw in a box of ready-to-use chicken broth, a couple handfuls of penne pasta, a bunch of fresh ground pepper and two spoonfuls of Indian tikka paste. I stirred everything up and let the whole thing come to a boil, then simmer until the pasta was cooked through. When that was done, I stirred a tiny bit of feta cheese into it for a little bit of creaminess.

It turned out light and flavourful, and nutritious to boot! And the items are so easy to substitute to get a soup that you want. Vegetarian? Use vegetable broth! Don’t like Indian food? Use Thai curry paste, Jamaican jerk seasoning or some other sort of spice combo! Change the cheese! Don’t add cheese! Use rice! Add more vegetables! Add chicken! Add some more exclamation points! I hear they’re the next big food fad.

I had some leftovers and it was still tasty today, although some of the broth got sucked up into the spinach. No pictures because I ate it all up!

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