It’s picture time!

Written content? Who does *that* anymore. It’s all about pictures of Flora now. It’s just easier to show the pictures than talk about them.*

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

We’ve been out and about – the mall, the library and more recently, a playgroup at the community centre. Soon, we’ll be trying the pool on for size. Whenever I put Flora in her snowsuit, I tend to start laughing. Not in a mean way of course, although running to get the camera probably does add insult to the injury of putting on a snowsuit. She’s so puffy and marshmallow-like in it. I’m not sure if she realizes I’m laughing at her yet.

Ready to go I can't suck my thumb in this thing! Mummy, why are you laughing at me? ThugBaby Pose

We wished Auntie Kyla a happy birthday.
Happy birthday Auntie Kyla!

We hung out with Thomas.
Buddies Sleepy babies Snuggling

Naptime for Thomas and Flora from Melissa Price-Mitchell on Vimeo.

We visited with Grandma Janet and Grandma Faye. (Leia loves Grandma Janet too.)
Grandma Faye and Flora have a chat Grandma Janet, Flora and Leia Grandma Janet, Flora and Leia

We took some family pictures.
More Face Smush! Kisses from Mummy Posing for Daddy Everyone looks at the camera at the same time Kisses from Daddy Tongue Giggles with Daddy

We made some silly faces.
Thinking really hard Silly face

Auntie Kyla gave Flora a bath.
Snuggling with Auntie Kyla after her bath

Flora tried on Grampy’s hat and played with his duck decoy.
Trying on Grampy's hat Playing with Grampy's toys

And…Flora sat up on her own for the first time! She lasted about 20 seconds before she tipped back over, but it’s a start. Note the major WTF look on her face.
Sitting Up!

*Written content will hopefully return soon. And maybe it won’t even *be* about the kid.

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