Video post: Goodnight Daddy

Sean is away tonight, and since I couldn’t catch him on the phone at Flora’s bedtime so they could say goodnight, I thought I’d shoot a little video and send it to him so he knew that his daughter was thinking of him. I ended up with some unexpected, lowbrow comedy.

The video quality is not-so-great, but I did shoot it with the camera on my iPhone in low light (it was bedtime after all). Sorry for the sniffling midway through – I’ve caught yet another cold.

If you get to the end of the video and can’t figure out what surprise was (it may be hard to hear), use your mouse to select the white text below this sentence.

After I tried one last time to get Flora to say “goodnight daddy” in one sentence, she looks up at me, farts, smiles and says “toot”. This kid announces her farts and everyone else’s every time she hears one. We laugh every time, but we probably shouldn’t. She’s going to give us away at the completely wrong time one of these days, and we’re going to be known as “The Fart Family” to everyone in a five-kilometer radius.

Goodnight Daddy from Melissa Price-Mitchell on Vimeo.

Flora says goodnight to Daddy (and tells him something else too). Shot with my iPhone right as she was going to bed, which explains the low light and general low-quality of the clip.

Turn your sound up for the surprise ending.

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