Haircuts all around

I got my hair cut on Saturday.

New haircut. Why yes I took this with the webcam on my laptop, why do you ask?

Seeing my hair so much shorter made me feel bad for Flora who has been looking more and more ragamuffin-y of late. After I butchered her hair back in March, I’ve been a little skittish to cut her hair again. Or to have her hair cut by professionals. I was afraid she’d flip her wig (so to speak) and wiggle so much she’d end up with an even worse haircut that I gave her. (Although in hindsight, I’m not sure how that is possible.)

I gathered up my courage and went to the same place where Sean often gets his hair done. (Note to my hairstylist – sorry Joe! I know you were off on Sunday, and I figured I better strike while my courage was high.) We walked in and they were able to take her right away.

Flora looked so small in the chair.

In the chair

She spent the entire haircut giving me and the hairstylist total “WTF?” looks. It probably didn’t help that the stylist thought her name was Melissa (I signed us in under my name). She didn’t make so much as a peep until we left the salon.

In the chair

The hairstylist put some coloured gel in her hair to give her “highlights.” They washed out in tonight’s bath, but were adorable while they lasted.

New haircut

New haircut

New haircut

New haircut

I am so relieved that her first professional haircut went so well. She got a lollipop at the end and she was thoroughly enjoying it until it fell on the floor in the toddler clothes section. She was pretty grumpy when I wouldn’t let her have it back. The five-second rule doesn’t apply when it’s not your own house.

Wonder how long it will be until she asks me when she can colour her hair for real. Or what my natural hair colour is.

3 thoughts on “Haircuts all around”

    • You could probably get it at most salons. I didn’t get a good look at the label (d’oh!) but I think it was just like a hair molding cream but with colour.

      I’ll do some looking and see if I can figure it out. Way better than those crusty old sprays that come out every Halloween.

      • I think I found it. It’s by Joico and is called Spiker Colorz® Styling Glue .

        Despite the name, it came out of Flora’s hair in one washing with only a little bit of extra scrubbing. No tears (and that kid has a sensitive scalp like mummy so that surprised me).

        Hope this helps! 🙂


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