Pinecone in my pocket

Fall is officially here and that means it’s time for a coat. I pulled out my old reliable – the coat I’ve worn for the last seven or eight years – and put it on.

I pulled this out of my pocket:

The pinecone in question

The pinecone in question

A perfect pinecone.

I remember putting this in my pocket. I was out walking with Flora last spring and one of us spied this pinecone on the ground. Flora quickly lost interest, but I thought a pinecone with no chips or dents is rare so I stuck it in my pocket. Where it’s apparently live for nearly six months.

I could wax poetic about how this pinecone represents the beauty and fragility of nature. I could hold it as a talisman that represents the adventures I have with my child.

Or I could try and remember to clean out my pockets before I hang up my coat for the summer.

As lovely as this pinecone is, it would have been awesome if I had found a lost twenty dollar bill in my pocket.

Instead, I found a pinecone, some old kleenex and (unused) dog poop bags.

The debris of life.

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