I’ve been shortlisted at the Canadian Weblog Awards!

2011 Canadian Weblog AwardsIt’s a good thing I did some sprucing up around here last week.

I found out this morning that I made the shortlist for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Canadian Weblog Awards! Lifetime Achievement means “for weblogs created before January 1, 2005”. (Clearly the weblog is still a relatively new medium for communication.) I submitted hellomelissa.net on a lark just before the nomination period closed. I wasn’t sure if submitting myself for nomination was proper etiquette. I figured the worst that could happen was a polite note from Schmutzie telling me that sites need to be nominated by other people and I should try again next year. No harm no foul.

I also wasn’t sure if hellomelissa.net was good enough for submission. I also submitted to Best-Written and Best Life Weblog. I knew that all of these categories would be full of lots of writers I read and admire. And they totally are.

See what happens when you take a little risk and put yourself out there? Remind me to do that more often.

Best of luck to everyone who has been shortlisted with me in the Lifetime Achievement category: Cheaty Monkey, Coin-Operated Boy, Urban Daddy and Weighty Matters. There are some great sites – and people – here. Good luck to all the other nominees too.

Make sure to check out the first-round nomination list too – there are so many great blogs to discover here.

Thanks again to Schmutzie and to everyone that has volunteered to jury these awards. That’s a huge pile of work.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been shortlisted at the Canadian Weblog Awards!”

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Congratulations and thanks for dropping by my site and for the kind message. I have actually never happened across your blog, but I read a few posts just now and I will be reading more. I’m also in Toronto (central TO) and I like the way you write.

    I think the best thing about these awards – and any award, to be honest – is that it provides and opportunity for the blogging community to get to know each other and introduce our work to others. There are so many blogs out there that are fantastic but rarely get read because no one knows about them outside of a small, yet loyal following.

    I wish you good luck and as I mentioned in my post, I’m thrilled to have been short-listed and I’m more than content losing to any of you since you’re all fantastic writers!



    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment Warren. I think you and I think the same way about these awards. It really is a great way to introduce ourselves to others and get introduced to other people’s writing. I admit, I hadn’t seen you in my circles before either. Now I’m subscribed to your feed. Spreading great writing is really what it’s about and I’m grateful to everyone at the CWAs for doing all this work to facilitate that. 🙂


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