Public Service Announcement: Get a professional bra fitting

Note: no boob pictures will be posted in this entry. Sorry to disappoint.

My first public service announcement was to tell everyone to floss their teeth. This public service announcement is just for the ladies.

Go and get a professional bra fitting. It makes clothes fit better, makes your shoulders and back feel better and makes your figure look way better.

I went to my favourite store that does bra fittings recently when I heard they were having their annual summer sale. High-quality, well-made foundation garments really make a difference to a girl’s figure. Especially a busty fat girl’s figure like my own. Properly-fitted bras make me look like I *have* a figure.

Now, I admit that this can be an expensive venture. In the few years that I have worn expensive bras, I find that with proper care, they last and hold things up longer. The cheap bras I’ve bought in the past usually fall apart within weeks of wearing with blown underwires and ripped lace from constant adjusting. They didn’t look as nice under a sweater either.

It feels unladylike to air my dirty laundry about such an intimate part of my laundry. But I truly believe that if more women would get properly fitted for their bras, more manufacturers would make bras in an expanded range of sizes. You know that stat about most women are wearing the wrong size of bra. Totally true. And that size changes from bra to bra. I bought three bras and each one of them is a slightly different size. And they all fit well.

So if you are looking for one really good investment piece for your wardrobe, invest in a good bra (or as many as you can afford). It really does make everything else you wear look better.

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