Buckley, Buckwheat, Mr Bucklesworth, Bucky, Wheat, Buck. It’s amazing how many names one cat gets.

Back in July, we lost Buckley, our beloved family cat. At nearly 15 years old, he had had a long life, but a sudden illness paralyzed the back end of his body and we had a difficult decision to make.

Buckley was a crabby little kitten, and was actually returned to the pet store by a woman who said he didn’t get along with the cats she already had. Sean overheard her and thought “That’s the cat for me!” and promptly brought him home. When someone picked him up, he’d take a flying leap out of their arms. He eventually settled down but I’d say he adored Sean and tolerated the rest of us.

When Sean and I lived in a first-floor apartment many years ago, we came home one night to see a little black cat wandering around.

“Aww. That cat looks like Buckley.”

“That cat is Buckley.”

And the chase was on to get our indoor cat back inside before he got lost or was run over. When he escaped the house, he liked to hide just far enough under cars so that we couldn’t reach him.

Buckley generally avoided Flora. Like many older cats who suddenly have to share their home with a baby human, I think he was horrified by all the new noises and activity. Flora was taught to be gentle with Buckley from a young age and remarkably, she didn’t chase after him too much. I caught him sleeping on her bed when she was away on at least two different occasions. I like to think he loved her from a distance. I know Flora loved him too.

We all loved him. He was a good cat and an important member of our family. We miss him.

Vox Hunt: My Desktop

Show us your desktop.
Submitted by Anthony.

This is my work desktop. Too many icons!

I use Webshots so I can have my desktop picture change randomly. It also has lots of great pictures available for download. Most of my pictures are of flowers, nature scenes, Leia, Buckley and my sister’s pugs. However, I do get a kick out of using my Black Album parody desktop at work – it makes me feel so subversive, but unfortunately, there are way too many icons to really make it noticeable, so I guess it’s not all that badass after all.

Vox Hunt: My Pets

Show us your pets.
Submitted by Prakash Daniel.

This picture took more effort than the relaxed looks indicate. Buckley the cat and Leia the dog aren’t usually spotted in such close vicinity to each other unless we are all on the living room couch together having a cuddle. Leia wants to be friends, but Buckley just isn’t interested and would rather swat her if she gets too close.

Sean and I each took a few shots before Sean came up with this one. I did have to clone out the dirty laundry that was on the floor (Sean’s underpants!), so that explains why my floor looks weird behind the dog.

I also have the good sense not to have a white bedspread with two pets in the house – my duvet cover is in the wash, being stripped of the shag rug that is all the pet fur these two leave all over the house.

Vox Hunt: Dangerously Cute

Show us something dangerously cute.
Submitted by Indy Bunny.

I have more pictures of my sister’s pugs, Jaws and Cujo, than I do my own furbabies, bucKley and Leia. They’re just so easy to take pictures of cuz they are always look so adorable!

I just found out that my cat likes to sleep in my pajama drawer. I found this out by grabbing clothes to change into, reaching into the back of the drawer and feeling fur. I pulled the drawer out a little further and there is bucKley, snoozing away.

Our ex-roommate’s cat used to like to open my pajama drawer and paw through it, getting my clothes all over the floor. I didn’t know that bucKley could even open the drawer (it’s on the floor and on mini-casters – it’s part of my bedframe), let alone climb in and have an undetected snooze.

The drawer was closed when I started getting the clothes, so I must have found it open and closed it, not knowing the cat was in there. Sneaky little devil. He might have been upset if he hadn’t been found, but when I did find him, he looked a little perturbed that I had interrupted his nap.

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