Flora and Leia: a picture story

Yup, it’s more pictures instead of words, but these pictures don’t need much more explanation than what their captions provide.

Hello puppydog

I have a big tongue too!

You are *licking* me!

Now you're licking my *face*!

I like all this licking!

I think I'm going to lick you back

Flora and Leia get along well right now. We’ll see what happens when Flora figures out that she can grab Leia’s tail, follow her around, and get into her food. (Let’s hope Mummy and Daddy are on the ball to avoid some of these things at least some of the time!)

Halloween 2008

Happy Halloween! ThugBaby Flora (see the picture at right to understand the nickname) did not go trick or treating this year. It seemed unnecessary for a child who does not have teeth or eat solid food. However, she helped me hand out candy to the first half of our trick-or-treaters by sleeping in her wrap. Once she woke up, she needed to be fed, so Sean took over treat dispensing duty for awhile.

I took Leia and Flora for a walk in daylight before the trick-or-treaters started, and Leia was quite bothered by some makeshift graves with hands and bodies coming out of them at the well-decorated house down the street. She spent some time barking at them until I could get her to keep going. That house goes all out with music, lights and everything every year, and we can hear the screams from our house. It must be scary because our next-door neighbour’s son (who’s about five) wanted to see it, and by the time he got to our house, he was still a little teary-eyed. Sounds like it would be too scary for me!

Happy Halloween!The best costume of the night belong to a little girl who was in a beautiful dress, long blonde wig, tiara and zombie makeup. “I’m a dead princess”, she told me when I complimented her costume. I told her that I was a dead beauty queen in high school. Great minds think alike.

We had about 185 kids in just under two hours (we shut the lights off around 8:30pm). It didn’t feel like that many, but we had 210 pieces of candy (in three 70-count boxes), and we were careful to hand out only one piece to each kid (minus our neighbour’s kids who got two each, and the kid who saw the extra piece that I dropped). We only had a few kids come without costumes. (How can their parents let them go like that?) Almost all the kids said thank you.

And now that this is over, the Christmas decorating frenzy will start…

A long weekend is just a weekend, but with an extra day

The Victoria Day fireworks have been going off each night since Saturday starting around this time (9PM). They really freak the dog out. I took Leia outside for a pee on Saturday night and it was the one time I’ve ever seen her run straight back into the house afterward – usually she wants to sniff and wander, no matter what the weather is like. Sean just took her out and she was so freaked out, she wouldn’t even pee – she just ran back towards the house. She’s been trying to find a place to hide ever since, but keeps changing her mind on where she wants to be.

We had a nice long weekend, but I don’t feel like I accomplished as much as I would have liked, especially in the garden. However, the weather was pretty crappy (mostly cold and rainy) so it wasn’t just an issue of laziness or procrastination. Sean picked up a lot of slack for me though – he edged most of the flower beds (and only quit because the edger broke); he also dug up the flower beds to get rid of all the weeds and grass that like to grow in them. This pregnancy thing does seem to have its perks! I still need to actually plant my flowers, but that will happen as it warms up this week.

Another year, another pink purse

I went to the Bay at lunchtime today to see what kind of maternity clothes they had. I don’t really need them yet, but I thought I’d go and check things out anyway. They didn’t really have much that was in my price range or size, but I expected that so I wasn’t too disappointed. Nevertheless, I decided to cheer myself up by taking a trip to visit the purses – just to see what was there.

Well, I discovered that the store was having a 25% off sale on most purses, and I saw one that I liked. As per usual, I hemmed and hawed, but took a picture of it with my camera phone before I left without it. I knew the sale was going until the 20th so I had some time to think about this.

At the end of the day, I was still thinking about it, so I decided to first check a couple of other stores in the neighbourhood to see if I found anything else I liked for a better price. No luck at either place.

By this time, I was running late and really needed to get home and take Leia out for a walk. I then made the decision that since this purse had been on my mind all afternoon, I’d better just buy it, or I would spend forever looking for its equivalent. (Look! I applied a lesson I learned from a previous shopping experience!)

This picture doesn’t quite do it justice, but it’s pretty spiffy. It’s a deeper pink than my last purse. Honestly, it’s bordering on purple, but for the sake of tradition, I’m calling it pink. Everything I carried in the last purse fits in it and the front pockets are easy to open so I can get my keys and subway pass out with one hand. And it was 25% off so it fit most of my major criteria for a good purse.

I wasn’t due for another purse bender for a couple of months, but I guess the change of season inspired me. That, or I’m having a girl baby and she’s giving me cravings for new accessories.

Will this be the worst storm in 60 years?

Yup, it's definitely snowing out hereCitynews seems to think so. I’ve already been out to shovel twice today (once at noon and again at about 5PM). The picture to your right was taken at about 6:30PM tonight, and you can see where the sidewalk is, but that the snow is filling in quite quickly. Apparently this isn’t even really the storm yet, and the big dump (ha!) will be happening overnight.

Of course, this was the day Sean went to Belleville to go see the Bulls (OHL hockey) play with a friend he hasn’t seen in three years. He’s playing his return travel plans by ear. I don’t want him driving the 401 in shitty weather, but if it gets really bad, that means I may not see him till Monday. It’s only a 2.5 hour trip, but no need for that stress if he’s got places to stay down there (he can stay either at his mom’s place or with our friends Jason and Amanda). The game just started so I won’t be hearing from him for awhile, so no need to worry yet.

I’m hoping to stay inside for the rest of the night minus any pee breaks for the dog. We’ve been outside together a few times today and Leia is loving the snow. I wish our yard was completely fenced in – then I could let her out to rip for a bit and she’d get her fix. Right now, she’s getting small doses of snowy fun with every trip outside to pee. Since we’re so close to the road and our sidewalk gets a lot of traffic, I can’t let her off her leash for more than a couple of minutes when no one is around. She’s having fun though.

Leia and the Snow Leia and the Snow #2 Leia with Snow on her Nose

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