At nearly three and a half years old, Flora has figured out the basics of my smartphone and it’s kind of spooky to watch her interact with it. She can now unlock it, find the kids game folder and load up her favourite drawing app by herself (DoodleBuddy if you’re interested). She doesn’t always remember the swipe-to-scroll part, but she can sometimes switch apps without help.

She got pretty good at the easy levels of Cut the Rope so that was fun for us to play together. (We both think Om Nom is cute.)

She has also taken to taking pictures with my phone. I have to be careful or five minutes of picture-taking leaves me with far too many out-of-focus pictures of the floor and the random things on it, herself, and really awkward pics of Sean and/or I.

I’ve saved a few of those for posterity but I tend to prune them pretty quickly. I do come across the occasional hidden gem.


This is Bunny, Flora’s number one lovey. She also goes by the names Princess Bunny and Bunbun. She’s been a part of the family since Flora was about eight months old. I bought her to give Flora something to snuggle at night. She is now a part of the family and very loved.

Flora snapped this picture of Bunny earlier tonight when she had commandeered my phone for games and picture-taking. She carefully propped Bunny up on the chair and took about ten different pictures that were all nearly identical. I picked the best one and fed it through the Pixlr-o-matic app to give it some depth. The composition is all Flora – no cropping.

Something tells me I need to get her a camera of her own pretty soon.

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